Quick Tip – Wine Bottles

January 2, 2008 at 8:20 pm (Quick Tips, Winemaking, Winemaking Tips) (, , , , )

There are a lot of small wineries here in Pennsylvania. They all have tasting rooms and they go through a couple of cases of wine each week. I’ve become friends with one of my local guys. I stop by to exchange ideas and I take him my wines to try.

He’s always offered to sell me supplies that he buys in bulk. I used to purchase bottles from him because I liked that they were all the same size and shape (it makes for easier storage) and he was cheaper ($9 a case).

He used to clean his used bottles, but he’s grown too big and now he’s recycling them. When I found that out, I asked him to save some for me. They don’t mind as long as I don’t let them pile up. His labels are easy to clean off. If your local place’s labels don’t come off in hot water, find another winery.



  1. ChezP said,

    For labels which leave a gummy residue:
    After soaking your old wine bottles in hot water, use a razor blade to remove the labels. You can try to remove any residual glue using packing tape to try to pull it off. But the trick I discovered works like magic is olive oil. Dab it onto the glue with a paper towel and then work it in circular motion to break down the glue. That has never failed to take it off for me.

    • Scott said,

      I like that, never heard it before. I use Goo-Gone to remove label residue. Both products will require washing with soapy water when done, not sure which is cheaper though.

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