Quick Tip – Making Your Bottle Appealing

January 9, 2008 at 2:58 pm (Quick Tips, Winemaking, Winemaking Tips) (, , , , )

When I first started making wine, I showed up at a party with a very plain unlabeled bottle. I was excited by my creation, but only my good friends were willing to try it.

Even free wine needs a good marketing image. So before I took my wine anywhere else, I made labels by taking pictures with my digital camera and putting text over the top. The result was an impressive color label, much nicer than most commercial wines. I also purchased heat shrink capsules for covering up the cork. When I showed up with the same wine in colorfully decorated bottles, everybody wanted to try it.

I’ve outgrown the image problem. All my friends have enjoyed many bottles of my wine by now, so I cut back to printing my labels on my laser printer. They are cheaper than full color, but still appealing.

I use a glue stick to attach my labels. I typically draw the glue all around the border and make an X in the middle. Glue sticks do a fine job holding the label on and the labels can be easily removed by soaking the bottle in hot water.

Peach Wine Label
Click on this thumbnail to see a larger version.
Unfortunately, this batch of wine never made it to the bottle.
But damn, what a beautiful label.

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