Piesporter Kit Log

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1/6/08 – Today I racked the blueberry wine, so I cleaned the fermenter and immediately started the Piesporter kit. The kit has about 7 liters of juice concentrate. It also has a big bag of elderflowers. This is the first time I’ve made this kit.

1/14/08 – Tonight I siphoned the wine into a 6-gallon carboy. The specific gravity was 1.010 as recommended by the instructions. It now has to sit for at least 10 days before moving on the next step.

1/27/08 – It’s sort of 10 days. Today I added the Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Metabisulfite, the F-Pack, and the Isinglass and stirred and stirred. It seems weird to mix up wine that has already cleared, but that’s the way they do it and Winexpert has made a lot more wine than me. I know from experience (and I’ll do a separate entry) if you don’t wait long enough or stir it up enough, you will get bubbles in your wine. I had bubbles in my very first batch. It says I can bottle in 14 days, but I’m in no rush. As long as there is an airlock on top with liquid in it, the wine can sit for a very long time. I’ll probably bottle in three weeks, just to give it a little extra time to clear.

2/17/08 – I bottled the Piesporter this morning. In the past, I have often gone from the carboy directly to the bottle. Today I used a bottling bucket because I wanted to add additional Potassium Metabisulfite to the wine. The directions suggest adding 1.5 grams in 125 ml of water to the wine before bottling. The only way to do that is to either rack to another carboy or to a bottling bucket. I calculated the 1.5 grams to be about 25 ppm, so I used my 2.5% solution Potassium Metabisulfite and added 50 ml. I did this because I’ve had some of the white go bad after only a couple of years in the bottle. You wouldn’t expect a commercial white to go bad after 2 or 3 years in the bottle, so I finally broke down and added sulfites at bottling.

I don’t have a label for it yet. Unfortunately, the kits don’t come with labels any more. It was nice when they did, you just wiped the back of the label across a wet sponge and applied it to the bottle. They also came off easily in hot water. I’ll probaby go for a simple laser printed design applied with a glue stick. Another idea I’ve had lately is to make a full color page and get copies made. It’s got to be cheaper than using my inkjet printer.

I’ve never had the Piesporter before, so I’ll post a taste comment here in a month or two.

3/30/08 Tasting Notes – (I’m writing this a month later, so taste details have been forgotten, however …) I took a bottle over to the winery.  Even though it has only been in the bottle for a month, this has already become a very nice wine.  The elderflowers come on a little bit strong at first, but quickly mellows.  The wine has a nice body that is really enjoyable.  The three of us polished off that bottle in no time.  Piesporter is one of the least expensive kits available, but it has definitely lived up to all the hype.



  1. Karen Ae said,

    I’m very interested as to how your Piesporter turns out. I started my first ever wine kit, a Selection Original Series Piesporter Feb. 9, 2008. I’m just at the end of the 14 day clarifying stage. I didn’t add extra sulfite, but as this is my first batch, I don’t thing I’ll have it on hand too long. I’m probably going to rack it once more, clarify for 1 more week before bottling. I’m really excited about how my Piesporter will turn out. Selection suggests letting it age at least 1 month before trying and at best waiting 3-6 months. I’m not too impatient, but I am tired of spending money on commercial wine when I could be making my own! I also just started last week a Heron Bay Pinot Noir. I decided to Primary ferment slowly , with it at 65 degrees F, sometimes the temp. went a bit lower, but fermentation continued. I am now ready to rack to the carboy, and start the secondary fermentation. For this varietal, I do plan on aging this at least 6 months, maybe a taster every now and again. I like my wine very smooth, not too much tannins or too terribly acidic, not too sure if I’m fond of a lot of oakiness either. I appreciate any comments or advice you may have for this novice!

  2. Scott said,

    Hi Karen,
    I tried the wine tonight for the first time. It’s not bad, but also not what I was expecting. I’ve made several kits of Reisling, Leibfraumilch, and Gewurztraminer, and I really enjoy those wines. The Piesporter seems a little nutty from the elderflowers. Still, it was good and I’m sure my friends will all find it quite drinkable. It’s only a month old, it will get better.

    When I make my own fruit wine, I’m big on racking the wine every couple of months. The kits are a little different. Follow the directions they gave you. If you rack the wine, you will need to top it up and let it sit for several more weeks, not just one. Also expect that you lose 1/2 to 3/4 of a liter when you rack. So you will end up adding water to your wine to top it up, you need it close to the neck of the carboy or air becomes an issue.

    Every time you rack or bottle, the wine loses the flavor for a while. The industry calls it bottle shock. I agree it takes about a month before it is worth drinking. Personally, I just drink it after that. Yes, it gets better, but as you make more kits, you will have more wine aging. The nice thing about the kits is the consistency. If you like it, just make it again.

    Now, for the Pinot Noir. I don’t know the Heron Bay brand, but I’m pretty sure they are just like Winexpert brand. The wines are designed to be drinkable young. Yes, you can age them and they will get better, but expect them to be smooth and quite enjoyable after only 3 months. If you want a better red wine, purchase the kits with more juice concentrate.

    You sound like you are on the right track. Make it, share it, enjoy it.

  3. Doug King said,

    I just finished a World Vinyard collection, German Muller Thurgau, had the F-pack and elder flowers and now has aged several weeks. It has an unusual bouquet, kind of faintly cabbage or kraut . This is an off dry wine that chilled is quite good. I just stirred and cleared a Riesling kit this morning ,and I have a Piesporter kit in Primary fermentation which is still measuring 1.022 , too young to rack into the carboy. I also have just racked a batch of Blackberry into bottles three weeks ago that turned out a little dry for my taste but fruity and good . We are just about ready to rack another batch of blackberry-grape ,can’t wait for that, in about three more weeks. The blackberry wines are completely home grown wines. My wife and I enjoy wine making and usually bottle a batch every other week, or at least try to time it that way.
    We plan to try the Selection Liebraumilch next and follow it with the Selection Gwurztraminer, both are still an off dry and from what I hear are very good.

  4. Scott said,

    Doug, if you have a recipe to share, I would love to post it here with your name on it. I’m particularly interested in your blackberry-grape wine. But any others would be welcome and appreciated.

    I’ve made the Winexpert brand Gewürztraminer and Liebfraumilch several times each. They are definite winners, but they don’t last long because they are such an easy wine to drink. They are both terrific with spicy Chinese food.

  5. Jay McCaughey said,

    I have three wines that have gone through initial fermentation but I had a problem. I had to go away unexpectedly and they’ve been sitting for 2 weeks past the point where they should have been racked to start secondary fermentation. Any idea what this might bring about? Will they be ruined? Any help is greatly appreciated as there is quite a bit of money in these three kits. Thanks.

  6. Scott said,

    If these wines were in a sealed container with an airlock, you will probably be ok. They are moved to glass to keep out oxygen and airborne yeast and buggies. If they were undisturbed and covered, they most likely had a blanket of CO2 because it is heavier than air.

    I would treat it as though nothing is wrong. At worst, it may be ruined, but I suspect not. Rack it, let it settle, and follow the directions. Let us know how you do.

  7. fornetti said,

    I do not believe this

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