Pairing Wine with Food

March 28, 2008 at 8:41 pm (Thoughts) (, , , , )

You should have white wine with chicken or fish, or is that chicken or fish with white wine?  Cabernet goes with steak.  Wine snobs are bossing us around, right?  I used to think so.

No.  That’s not it.  Let’s start over.

Certain foods just go great together, like peanut butter and chocolate.  Some don’t work, like brushing your teeth and orange juice.  So let me digress…

This conversation works best if we start with dessert.  Have a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of wine.  The cake is sweet and rich.  If you don’t drink a sweet wine with your cake, the wine will taste flat.   Try it some time.  Have chocolate cake and a light, dry (unsweetened) wine, the flavor of the wine will be overwhelmed by the flavor of the cake.  Sweet homemade blueberry wine and cake – now we’re talking.

It works the other way too.  The wine can overpower the food.  We try to pair the flavors so they complement each other.  I love spicy Chinese food and a German white, like a Reisling.  That works for me.  You’re tastes will vary.
Steak and Merlot – A+.

Grilled chicken and a German white – yep.

Perhaps barbecue chicken and a medium bodied red.

Cake and my Plum wine – oh yeah!

Use the food pairing guides as a starting point and experiment.  Find out what works for you and enjoy both your food and your wine.


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