Limoncello update update

August 31, 2009 at 9:21 pm (Other Drinks, Winemaking)

We have become addicted to this stuff.  I take a little bottle with me whenever we visit anyone.  My buddy Mike is always running dry, but it’s ok since I’m usually one of the people drinking it.  When you make it, err towards sweet.

Mike made a batch of LimeCello and OrangeCello.  I’m not a fan of the lime, it had an aftertaste I didn’t care for.  The orange version was ok, but not sweet enough.  The lemon – it’s just a winner.  I’ve got another batch brewing under the counter.  This time we squeezed the lemons and put the juice in the fridge.  My wife made lemon squares and a few other treats with the juice.

I just talked myself into a shot.  See ya.

Important note: Make sure you boil the sugar/water before adding it to the mix.  Adding sugar directly to the mix will cause it to be cloudy.  The boiling process is a must.



  1. Danna Wallace said,

    WOW! I was searching the net for blueberry wine recipes and ran across yours. Thanks for the tips> My husband and I spent a month in Italy last year and became hooked on the Lemnocelllo! We live in northern Louisiana and have a few citrus trees that we grow in containers. Some years they can produce a lot of fruit. Luckily last year was a good one and we came home from Italy and made both Lemoncello and a version with Tangelos that was awesome.We guard ours carefully because we too love to offer friends a sip and they qickly either love it or hate it. The ones that love it always want you to do the work and make (or give) them some.I made a haphazard batch of blueberry wine last season and it turned out to be the best. I’ll be trying it on a larger scale this year. Santa Rosa Plum also makes a great blush wine. Our largest production wine for home has been from scupornong grapes.I have a problem with to much natural carbonation going on though in it , any tips?

    • Scott said,

      Do you mean it is fermenting too fast or is the wine actually carbonated? If it is fermenting too fast, try cooling it down and don’t ferment in the early stages in a closed bottle, I use a large plastic vat. If it is carbonated when done, you are bottling too soon. Try racking the wine to a clean carboy, then letting it clear again. You can also stir it up real good, like the kits instruct. My guess is you are bottling it too soon, carbonation will work its way out if it’s not under pressure.

  2. Limoncello update update | The Homemade Wine Blog said,

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