Chris’ GreenGage Plum Wine

Chris Bailey submitted his own version of Plum wine, I moved it to it’s own page rather than have it lost in the comments.

GreenGage Plum Wine

20lbs plums
12lbs sugar
Water to total volume of 6 gallons
7 tsp acid blend

3 tsp peptic enzyme
6 tsp yeast nutrient
6 Campden tablets
2 Pkg Premier Cuvee Yeast

Couple tips:

This wine can have several different flavors depending on the harvest . . . I make an effort to make several batches to truly indulge on this beautiful fruit and its various flavors. Early in the season when the plums are still hard has been the most successful wine for me. However, it is much easier and faster to make this wine while the fruit is ripe. Also, add all ingredients to hot water 41 – C this makes it much easier to blend, and wait 12 hours before adding yeast so the Campden tablets can do their job first. I usually allow the must to ferment for about 9 days before racking. Be sure to check acidity and use your trusty hydrometer of coarse. Rack as usual . . . Plum wine is best consumed within six months after bottling . . . this allows the taster to experience the fresh fruit flavor. Also this wine is absolutely beautiful in color and I highly recommend using clear wine bottles when bottling. Enjoy!

– Cheers



  1. JJ Lafontaine said,

    Will this recipe be a sweet wine or a dry wine ?

    • Scott said,

      That is a great question. I don’t know if Chris still reads the blog. The fruit is not available where I live, so I have never made the wine. I would guess he keeps it dry, since those are all his comments and not mine. You are always free to add sugar if you don’t like it dry. I’ve had the blueberry and blackberry wines both sweet and dry. Both are great.

  2. Gavin said,

    Greengages are sweet fruit to begin with. Adding that much sugar should definitely make a sweet/medium wine.

    Cut the sugar to 500g/gallon and you should be aiming for medium/dry. Just be careful with acidity. I’m doing a pale plum wine soon. I normally do a large batch of fruit and separate it out into 1 gallon dj with different sugar contents to experiment until I get one close to my taste. Repeat the process and play with acidity until it’s perfect. Happy hunting!

  3. wandooridge said,

    Sounds great we have a green gage loaded with plums already have made jam and sauce
    So green gage plum wine it is cheers

  4. greengage plums and using them to make alcohol said,

    […] the last few years but alas not with plums. There is a recipe here which I'm sure you've seen. Chris’ GreenGage Plum Wine | Homemade Wine You'll need demijohns and obviously proper yeast. Sanitation is key so make sure everything is […]

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