Tomato Wine

I got this recipe from a friend. It’s his old family recipe, I’ve never made it or tried it. He said it was very good. If anyone has made a Tomato wine, I’d love to hear about it, I have no idea what to expect for flavor.

This recipe makes 1 gallon of wine. I don’t have any other details except that it says to strain after certain amounts of time. If you have made wine before, you know to look for the fermentation to have finished and the wine to have cleared, so I left the times out.

  • 6 lbs. ripe tomatoes (no variety given – I would use Italian Plum tomatoes)
  • 6 lbs sugar
  • 2 or 3 oranges
  • 1 box of raisins
  • 1 gallon of boiling water

Mix well. (I assume this means chop everything up. My write-up of the recipe is easily five times longer than what I was given. Can anybody help?)

Add 1 pkg yeast (no type is specified – I would start with a Premier Cuvée or Pasteur Champagne).

Let stand 15 days. Basically, wait until it clears and rack to a clean jug.



  1. Scott from Michigan said,

    I am working on an old family recipe from a friend. I have to get a kit and supplies around yet, and this will be my first attempt at winemaking. Trying to arrange a meeting with the actual maker of some tomato wine from last summer. It was fantastic to say the least. Hoping to get some instructions and tips, the gentleman is in his upper 80’s so this should be a fun and informative visit. I’ll try to keep updates on it for anyone interested.
    Happy winemaking

  2. winer said,

    tomato’s are almost here i have always wanted to make tomato wine. this year might be the first try

  3. Joey Bagnutzio said,

    my buddy makes tomato wine
    it is one of the best

    • sonny said,

      I would certainly like to get his recipe

  4. dardar said,

    How much wine does this make? Do you add enough water to make 5 gals?

    • Scott said,

      It says at the top that it makes one gallon. You can scale it up to whatever works for you, but you only need one packet of yeast.

  5. suneel said,

    please send full details about how to make tamato wine.i want kit also.

    • Scott said,

      This is everything I have on it. I have never made it, I acquired a friend’s family recipe. I guess if it’s good enough to be a family recipe, it must be pretty good. If anyone has followed the recipe, I’d like to hear how it came out.

      • Nicole said,

        I followed this recipe a couple months ago and have racked it once. I read online to rack it every 3 months for 1 year then bottle. It’s still pritty murky even after a couple months, but every couple of weeks it looks a little clearer. I’ll keep you all posted. I tasted it when I racked it and it was nasty, but apparently that’s normal with tomato wine. It needs lots of time. It’s a beautiful golden color, like honey which surprised me. I am not telling anyone what it is, I’ve got it labeled “secret wine” because I want everyone to guess what there drinking.

      • Scott said,

        I’ve never had a chance to make this, so I need a full report when it is done.

  6. Chuck said,

    I made a batch of tomato wine about 10 years ago. The recipe was similar to this one, but without the raisins or oranges. I can tell you that it looked and tasted similar to a white wine, with a scent of tomato juice afterwards.

  7. Rori Homme said,

    Does anyone know if the recipe will work with the sugar being replaced by honey?

  8. Chuck said,

    I can’t verify in terms of wine, but it makes sense based on my other experiences.

    I make a lot of home-made bread and the bread-making yeast will ‘feed’ on honey just like sugar. With the idea that bread-making yeast and wine-making yeast both originated in the wild, I think they would be similar enough that sugar is worth a try.

    Later, I found this stmt that explains that diluated sugar is good for alcohol fermentation … “You may not want a fermented jar of honey on your shelf, but ancient people turned that characteristic of honey to their advantage in creating what may well have been the very first alcoholic beverage. Honey mixed in water and allowed to ferment, produces the drink called “mead.” ”

    Found it at this URL:

  9. Chuck said,

    Whoops … correct my typo error in previous post

    Later, I found this stmt that explains that diluated HONEY — not sugar — is good for alcohol fermentation …

  10. Bill Black said,

    You’ll never ferment out 6lbs of sugar in one gallon of liquid. Try using between 2 and 3lbs maximum.

    • Rajat said,

      I agree, with this recipe wine will ferment quite sweet.

    • Kevin Groth said,

      I agree, the 6lbs of sugar must be a typo. Best method would be using a hydrometer before pitching the yeast and keep it between 1.080 and 1.100 specific gravity. I would guess 2.5 pounds of sugar would put you very close to 1.100. Any higher than that you can get a stuck fermentation and that is never good

  11. MKrenesky said,

    For great additional flavor and a closing ‘kick’, add a few chopped hot peppers (your choice) to the primary fermentation. Remove with the tomato must.

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